About FH Institute


About FH ORTHO Group

Founded in 1964, Group FH ORTHO designs, develops and manufactures innovative orthopedic devices, systems and instruments for surgeons around the world.

We are an Olympus Company since November 2020.

About FH Academy

FH ORTHO Group aspires to provide healthcare professionals with a wide range of scientific content relating to medical devices. This provides healthcare professionals with a high level of support through the following training methods :

* FH Lab : Bioskills Labs
* FH Bloc : Operating days
* FH Staff : On-site training sessions, such as « staff », workshops, participation to congresses
* FH Institute : Online sessions, such as webinars, live surgeries and videos

What is FH Institute's "reason to be"?

This website has been launched in 2014 for live surgery days (shoulder, hip and knee).

Today, seeing as organising on-site events is a little more complicated than it used to be, FH ORTHO Group wanted to relaunch the use of this website in order to help surgeons to get access to our scientific contents.

This website is currently « under construction » but, various contents will be available soon such as lives surgeries, e-symposia, experts' round tables, videos and animations, for all different specialities (shoulder, hip, knee, foot, traumatology and sports medicine).

For more information about FH ORTHO Group, our products or our FH Academy trainings programs :